Är du ”All in” i spelet som handlar om ditt liv?

By 18 mars, 2012Blogg

I’m not a great poker player, but I love the game. Texas Hold ‘Em, please.

The thing I love most about Hold ‘em? Honestly, it’s people watching through all of it. The shuffle. The cut. The deal. That first read of the cards. And, of course, the plays.

All those faces at the table through each stage. And, of course, the cussin’ smokin’ & drinkin’ is fun too.

For those who know James Altucher, you know his relentless determination playing poker everyday for a year is part hero/part tragedy: the flawed hero. Part dogged obsession. Part ‘avoid the reality of his life’. Part zen. You empathize, despise, and worship him all at once like you would with any riddle wrapped in an enigma.

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