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Kevin Davey, world champion in trading! (+ Offer)

I did a course with Kevin Davey a few years ago. A trader who won the world championship in trading a few years ago. I am always looking for new ideas and influences for my trading and I had heard a lot about Kevin Davey and his course. In addition to learning a lot, I also included his Strategy club, which I think is fantastic.
For those who are new or have stayed for a while and want to take that final step in trading, his course is perfect. It takes you through everything that is important in trading and algo trading, and you get started much faster than if you were to try for yourself. In addition to the course, it also includes a club that I mention above. It has been my greatest asset.

Strategy Club

Strategy club is a club where you send strategies to Kevin, and there he simulates the strategies for 6 months to see that they are in the right place for trading. Those who succeed in transmitting strategies that are robust enough after 6 months of simulation gets all other strategies that passed that month. The strategy club happens on a monthly basis, so new strategies are always coming.

I am number one of his students on strategy design

Since this started, I’m ranked No. 1 in the world for the most robust strategies passed in his club. I have 30% more strategies that passed the criteria of robustness than the number two on the list. Many want these strategies I can promise, so competition is fierce for that first place.
Why do I mention this? Yes, because I want you to get an independent source that my methods and strategies are working as well. My ways of strategy design are quite similar to Kevins, even if they are not quite the same.
Every time I pass the club for a month, I get between 5-15 new strategies made by traders around the world. It’s a cruel source of inspiration and knowledge! It’s inspired by them, among other things, that I can get on my algorithm course with so many excellent and robust strategies.

Offer – get 2 extra strategies in addition to those included in his education

Since I did the course a few years ago, I see Kevin as my friend and colleague in trading. I have now combined with him a huge offer. You now have the opportunity to go his course while getting 2 of my strategies that passed his hard criteria for what is robust for a trading strategy. These are a bonus in addition to the strategies included in his course. The strategies I offer as part of this package are made according to the rules he teaches in the class. This offer gives you a unique opportunity to get even more strategies for your trading after you have completed his course.
The requirement is that you sign up via the link below or notify Kevin that you are from Samuelsson’s Report. The price is a dollar lower than what he offers himself, so the cost is even less than he provides.

You can read more about Kevin’s course here. You can also sign up on that page

You are always welcome to contact me directly if you have any questions about his course. You can reach me at info (snabel A)


• Have you ever developed a terrific looking strategy, only to lose money trading it live?
• Do you know if your trading systems really have an ”edge?”
• Do you keep testing – adding rules and filters – until your backtest looks awesome?
• Do you struggle to find new trading ideas?

The Strategy Factory Workshop now includes IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all material, PLUS an invitation for ALL future LIVE online workshops!


If you said ”yes” to one or more of the questions above, my ”Strategy Factory®” workshop may be just what you need.  After getting instant access to over 20 hours of instructional videos, followed by a one-day 8 hour live online class and 2 months of one-on-one e-mail support, you’ll have the know-how to start up and operate your own ”Strategy Factory” – a repeatable process to successfully develop multiple algorithmic trading strategies and automated trading strategies.
Kevin Davey

This is not your typical trading course: This is a complete workshop on proper algorithmic strategy development, taught by award winning full time trader and best selling author Kevin Davey (that’s me!).  PLUS, you’ll also receive fully disclosed code for 5 automated trading strategies – nearly identical strategies to ones that I actually trade.

Strategy Club
Strategy Club
Not sure if algo trading is for you or not?
  Take this 5 question quiz and find out!
Comments From Recent Strategy Factory Workshop Attendees…
”Kevin, Finally I made it happen and I can use my time in testing strategies and stop wasting time on things that aren’t going to make me money, numbers don’t lie. I’m very happy. The journey isn’t over but I have started it in a good way because of you. 
My first sim live run started today thanks to your great videos I do this in a confident and structured way, see attached picture, this is going to be fun! I’m studying your material hard so I can send you my strategies for the club!
Cheers and Thanks again, ” – Yves S, London, United Kingdom – May 2018 attendee
”Thanks a lot for the seminar, Kevin” – Jen K, Germany – Feb 2018 attendee
”Thanks! This has been great.” – David K., California, USA – March 2018 attendee
”Kevin’s seminar was very thorough. I’m much more optimistic about my ability to trade algorithmic strategies. I now have the concepts and tools to make algorithmic trading possible.” – Jonathan M Indiana, US
”Thank you! I appreciate your support! I’m excited to get working on the process.” – Gary M, Idaho, USA – Feb 2018 attendee
”Thank you very much for this incredible day and workshop!!!” – Hector S., Spain – Feb 2018 attendee
”Great seminar!, I walked away with a clear understanding of robust system development. Wish I had known this information 8 years ago when first started trading systems.” – Keith O. California, US
”Thanks Kevin, great workshop today. Much appreciated. ” – Joel B., Ottawa, Canada – May 2018 attendee
Join traders from across the world who have benefited from the Strategy Factory Workshop!


algorithmic strategy

My ”Strategy Factory” Can Help You Avoid This!
I compare creating trading strategies to manufacturing a product in a factory.  In any kind of factory, raw material comes in one door, various machines and people transform the material inside the facility, and the finished product goes out the exit door.  The same idea applies to trading strategies.  Trading ideas come in one door, you (and your trading tools and software) evaluate the idea, improve it, assemble it, polish it, etc. in the factory, and then a finished strategy exits the factory, ready to trade.

Creating strategies is NOT easy work, but doing it yourself – designing and developing strategies the right way – is MUCH, MUCH better than buying strategies from unscrupulous vendors, or subscribing to signals.  Why?

  • No strategy lasts forever.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask stock market ”buy and hold” advocates about that strategy.  It worked great, until 2008-9 when the market gave back 25+ years of gains.
  • No matter what strategy you use to trade, your best bet is to assume it will stop working, and plan accordingly.  Having new strategies waiting to be traded is the best way to survive the trading game. 
  • Another reason to have multiple strategies is diversification.  Diversification is key.  If you trade one strategy, you are at mercy of that strategy.  If it starts doing poorly, as all strategies do, you are in trouble. 
  • If you add one or more uncorrelated strategies to your portfolio, your equity curve will get smoother, and drawdowns typically will decrease.  Having a strategy factory allows you to develop, implement and trade multiple, uncorrelated strategies. 
  • Finally, as your account grows, you’ll want to trade more strategies.  With larger accounts, you might run into trade size issues.  Having more trading strategies, developed with a Strategy Factory, will allow you to add new strategies, diversify your portfolio and keep your size manageable as your equity grows.


2016 Trading Course Of The Year – Winner!
As voted by the readers at

From Other Strategy Factory Workshop Attendees…
”Kevin Davey is a consummate trading professional. I recommend The Strategy Factory Workshop to those who are seriously interested in improving their trading proficiency without reservation.” – Keith U, New York, US 
”Kevin is very approachable and the email support he provides for 4 months following the class is arguably the most valuable part because you will have a lot of questions as you get down to the nuts and bolts of developing your own strategies.” – Sep 2014 attendee 
”This is a great companion presentation that is fitting with the book. One of the most informative, telling it how it is, what’s needed and down to earth presentations I’ve attended and worth every dollar!” – Bruce Auckland, New Zealand
”Overall, the workshop is very well organized and presented given the volume of material covered.” – December 2014 Attendee
Check Out This Independent Review of My Workshop!
There is an excellent 3rd party website out there called ”Trading”  They have given my workshop the highest rating possible.  Check out their review by clicking on the summary at left.

Why Am I Called ”A Little Rat” In This Review of My Workshop?
5 Star Review – ”Kevin Davey continues to produce stellar trading results. 100% verifiable. 100% transparent. ”  Read the review to find out why I am called ”A Little Rat” !!!

This Course Can Be Free!Through a special program I have with Tradestation, if you fund a new account at Tradestation, you can receive 20% commission rebates until the course is 100% paid for!  Click here for more details.
A Nice Heartfelt Letter From A Recent Strategy Factory Workshop Attendee…
Hi Kevin, I was doing some end of the year accounting and I wanted to thank you for putting together your book and class.
In April 2017 I moved from discretionary systems to more technical systems following some principles from Van Tharp. I stopped using others’ trading systems in an effort to make my own. I created 5 trading systems using Excel spreadhseets.
From April through May I went up about 8% and then went down 21% (net was about minus 15% loss). Toward the end of that swing I picked up your book. I was handling my father-in-laws estate and was out of town, but I ordered the book and had it delivered to my parents place in the same state. I devoured the book and figured out I was doing some things wrong. I cancelled three of my five strategies and applied your system to the other 2 and found they were okay.
Since I read your book in May, I am up about 21%. Since I took your strategy class (in October) I am up about $14%. I know it can all turn around and I can lose it all in a day (as I warn my wife, and she reminds me in times of exuberance), but I am expectant for the future. I have about 15 strategies that I developed using your system (though I don’t use your incubation standards as rigorously as you recommend i’m ashamed to say).
I appreciate your methodical method and the expertise you bring to the process. I enjoy having systems that I have confidence in, even if they lose for a few trades.
My personal goals include greater financial freedom and generosity toward some non-profit organizations I believe in. Back in April, before anything came in, I donated to one non-profit believing I would hit my goals for trading. After going in the hole, I was really praying that I could figure the markets out well enough to trade them. I’m starting to learn. Thanks for what you have done in filling that learning gap. (My kids rolled their eyes at my $3000 training day with you in October, but they are now encouraged that we can learn things that turn our patterns around.)
When I was learning about trading a few years ago, a seasoned trader said that the first year of trading the primary goal should be simple: don’t lose money. Well, I lost in year one. Year two I was flat. Finally, in year 3, I made up for the loss and then some.
Thanks again and happy new year.
Sincerely, James W.
Proud and Active Members Of The Strategy Factory ClubIn September of last year, 25 Strategy Factory students – Club members who previously attended the online workshop – traveled to Cleveland Ohio for a long weekend of trading collaboration, advanced instruction and lots of good meals (group dinner at my house is shown below).
Think about that for a minute – these traders all paid for the online workshop, concluded they received a ton of value, THEN decided to spend more time and money to travel to Cleveland to collaborate with other Strategy Factory students.  That to me shows you the value of the workshop – traders are actively using the Strategy Factory process in their daily trading!
These traders are all active in the Strategy Factory Club, so as you submit strategies, you will be sharing with some of these traders.
How Does the Strategy Factory Workshop Work?
First, a week before the all day workshop, you can have a 15 minute online meeting with me, one on one (or you can save it for later).  I want to understand your experience, your likes and dislikes, and your learning style to help me present the right info to you during the class.  Remember, there are limited new students in each workshop, so you’ll end up feeling like I am talking to you, and you alone!
During the class, over the course of 8 hours, you’ll learn:

  • How To Find Trading Ideas
  • How To Properly Test a Strategy
  • How To Evaluate – 10+ Ways to Evaluate a Trading System
  • How To Build a Strategy
  • Why Goals and Objectives Are CRITICAL to Your Success
  • How To Test the Wrong Way
  • Why You Need a Strategy Factory
  • How to Select a Trading Software Package
  • How To Recognize Testing Pitfalls
  • How To Avoid 9 Terrible Mistakes I’ve Made in Trading
  • Why You Won’t Get Burned Again By Snake Oil Vendors
  • How To Separate Trading Fiction From Trading Fact
  • Who to Believe in Trading, and Who Not to Believe – And Why
  • How to Look at an Equity Chart And Tell if it is Fake
  • How To Test – 4 Ways of Testing a Strategy
  • Why Monte Carlo Testing Can Rescue Your Trading
  • How Incubation Helps Make You a Professional Trader

Here is what the workshop day will look like:

  • Session 1:  Overview of Process, Discuss the Foundation of the Strategy Factory
  • Session 2:  Discuss Details of the Strategy Factory
  • Session 3:  In-Depth Strategy Factory Walk Through, Develop Strategy #1
  • Session 4:  Developing Strategy #2,  Reveal Strategy #3 and #4, Wrap Up



Are you curious about Bitcoin, and how to trade it?  I can help!  I include, with your workshop, a special bonus video where I share some strategies with Strategy Factory students on how to trade the new Bitcoin futures available at the CBOE exchange.  The best thing is that this is a regulated exchange, so you can trade there much more safely as compared to most places…
From Other Strategy Factory Class Attendees…
”I wanted to let you know that since implementing your Strategy Factory process August 2015, I have real gains of 217%. I have 50 walkforward passing strategies, with around 20 operating normally and being non-correlated. That is pretty awesome to me! I just want to thank you again for your course and access to your experience. I would likely be out of the game if I didn’t implement your process.” – Eric B., Colorado, US (September 2017)
”I was a decorated derivatives broker and a former Wall St trader. I rose quickly over the years at the firms I worked. As a Wall St trader, I closely watched and studied every trader I met. As a broker, I observed the strategies and PnL’s of well over 35,000 traders and their accounts. Yet in all this time, I never observed a trader as consistently successful as Kevin Davey. Kevin’s secret sauce is his process. I never saw a trader who had a process as thorough and well-developed as Kevin Strategy Factory Process. Therefore it should be no mystery why I never observed trading success that was as consistent and reproducible as Kevin Davey’s. This stuff can be learned, but it is seldom taught. Kevin’s Strategy Factory Workshop and its support are pure Gold.” – Ali F., Nebraska, US
”I have been trying various coaches, newsletters and the like and it is really refreshing to find someone with a process that makes sense and has some ”meat on the bone” so to speak. Thanks again ” – Gary C, Florida, US – January 2016 attendee
”Absolutely fascinating day! Really, really good stuff. Sincere thanks, Kevin for an idea-enriching workshop!! ” – Luc V, Brussels, Belgium – January 2016 attendee
”Awesome, Kevin! Thank you SO much for putting this together and inviting us to join the journey! ” – Al B, Michigan, US – January 2016 attendee, September 2017 Live attendee
”The workshop itself was well structured and packed with real trading methodologies born from Kevin’s trading experience. Kevin is one of those rare breeds in this industry — both extremely knowledgeable as well as down-to-earth pragmatic and honest. The candor with which he speaks during the workshop is a breath of fresh air. I am extremely happy with both the value and quality of his workshop and support! ” – Dave F., New York, US – March 2015 attendee 
”This has revolutionized the way I develop strategies and given me the structure to follow through on my ideas.” – Jim W., New Hampshire, US 
”Kevin and the Strategy Factory can help you make the leap from trading as a hobby to trading as a profession.” – Bryan, Omaha NE, US
”I really sense that you care about your students succeeding, its very refreshing, I just want you to know I appreciate that and realize how rare it is in this business.” – Jeff R, Vietnam
”Kevin’s support is excellent. The email replies were usually within an hour. That is great service. The support after the seminar is invaluable. Great job Kevin!” – Nov 2014 attendee
Instant Access To All Material, Plus A Live, Online, 8 Hour Class
When you sign up, I provide you with a full package of material.  It will take you a while to get through it all, but once you do you will be able to start developing strategies.  Plus, you are invited to the full day, live online event, so you can ask questions live and hear the questions of other students. The combination of recorded material, followed by a live class, has been shown to be a great way to learn new material.
The Workshop Is Fully Recorded, Plus You Can Attend More Than Once!
This is a live online event, but don’t worry if you have to step away and miss some of the workshop.  Each workshop is recorded, so you can review the material over and over.  Plus, as long as space is available, you can attend later workshops for a ”refresher,” to ensure you absorb all the information – at no additional charge!
My goal is to get you developing good trading strategies!
Added Bonus Benefit:I have created a FREE optional addition to the Strategy Factory, utilizing the combined effort of the Factory students.  Basically, you can benefit from all other students who produce winning strategies.  I call it the ”Strategy Factory Club.”  You get 3 strategy entries into the Club as part of the class. 
This free membership is pretty simple:

  • Develop an algorithmic trading strategy, using the Strategy Factory process and principles
  • Have your trading strategy pass an evaluation phase (live simulated trading)
  • Share your trading system with other students
  • In return, you get verified strategies from other students

This Club is a great way to increase your number of strategies very quickly!  Just watch this 2 minute video…

One Students’ Experience In The ”Club”
Student 1:
“The Strategy Factory Club has been one of the unexpected best parts of the Strategy Factory Workshop.  The Workshop gave me the tools to be able to develop my own strategies.  However, the Club is what keeps me actively practicing what I learned in the Workshop.   On top of that the Club provides a method for developing diversity amongst my systems that I would not be able to do as quickly on my own.    For the first 2 months of the Club, I provided 2 strategies and as part of the outcome, I now have 7 strategies all of which have been vetted through the criteria of the Strategy Factory Workshop and are ready to trade immediately. Pretty amazing.” – Chris O.
Over 200 Strategy Factory Strategies Have Passed a Real Time Performance Test – Yours Could Be Next!Here are just some of the hypothetical strategies former students have created, using the principles I teach in the Strategy Factory workshop.  Many of these come from students who never before produced a properly designed trading system, until they learned how from me!
What Do Previous Attendees Say?
When I present the Strategy Factory workshop, I always try to get feedback from participants. I want the full day to be as jam packed as possible with information, and I want all students to walk away knowing their hard earned money was well spent.  A quality event is always my goal!
Since I started the Strategy Factory Workshop, every single class, except for a couple, has been sold out in advance!  Participants had anywhere from 1 – 40 years of trading experience, and afterwards most took a short survey.  Here is what they said:

So, hopefully that gives you an idea of what you are getting with the Strategy factory webinar.  Quality education, from a champion trader, at a terrific value!

Your Workshop (and Ongoing Support) Teacher
In this dog-eat-dog trading business, I think it is important for you to know who is ”behind the curtain” of any trading vendor you deal with. Does the vendor even trade? Has the vendor ever traded? What is the vendor’s reputation in trading forums, and on the internet? How much can you trust and believe who you are dealing with?
Well, here are some important facts about me:
1) I’ve been trading for over 25 years, not always successfully. But, I’ve learned from my mistakes. You can learn from my mistakes, too – and for a lot less than it cost me!
2) Most trading educators do not even trade real money! I trade real money. Vendors that do not trade raise a HUGE red flag.
3) I finished in 1st or 2nd place three consecutive years in the world’s premier trading contest. It is a grueling 12 month competition against some of the best traders on the planet. Most importantly, it was REAL MONEY being traded, not some simulated account.
4) I am the author of the critically acclaimed trading book ”Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems” published by Wiley Finance. My book also won’s ”2014 Book of The Year” AND ”2016 Book of The Year” STAR award >> voted as a best trading book.
5) Over the years, I’ve been asked to present at many online and in-person events. I usually decline, since first and foremost I am a TRADER. That is a critical point. Most vendors ”sell the dream,” but I ”live the dream.”
6) On a volunteer basis, I used to run the ”Battle of the Bots” contest on a major trading forum. I have a solid history of helping others become better algorithmic traders.
7) You can find me dispensing advice in a few select trading forums (primarily two – ( and client support forum). My nickname is ”kevinkdog” on both. You can easily check out the quality of my advice at either place. Look through my posts – am I dispensing sound advice, or am I just slinging bullsh**? I think you’ll find it easy to discern.
8) For the 2 months of follow up e-mails, only I will be answering your questions and helping you along. I do not pass you off to some inferior trader or wannabe trader, like so many vendors do. I will be with you the whole time!
Finally, please google my name (” Kevin Davey trader” for example), google KJ Trading Systems, and do your own due diligence before you sign up. You’ll find I am not a sleazy snake oil, rainbow selling trading vendor. In fact, I KNOW I am the exact opposite, because I tell the truth (I like to sleep well, with a clean conscience). Since my reputation is something I hold dear, most sleazy trading vendors hate me!
What Happens After The Workshop?
After the workshop, I won’t turn you loose to flounder.  You’ll have 2 months of e-mail help.  You simply e-mail me whatever questions you may have, and I’ll respond – typically the same day.  Also, you have a 15 minute one-on-one call with me before or after the workshop. Finally, if you wish, I’ll help you connect with other attendees.  Talking to someone on the same path as you can also greatly help you.
What About Algo Trading Strategies – Do I Get Anything I Can Immediately Trade From This Workshop?
Some attendees say this is the best part of the workshop (I disagree – I think the 2 months of one-on-one support is the best part – but who am I to argue?).  Not only do you learn how to create your own strategies, but I give you 5 complete strategies that you can trade as soon as you desire!  You get the complete code (plain English and Tradestation format) to all 5 of the strategies – for your own personal use, to use (or modify) as you wish.
Hypothetical Results Shown Below (RB strategy not shown):


Remember: I put my money where my mouth is!  I trade these, or slight variations thereof, myself

During the workshop, I’ll walk you through strategy development on stock index futures ( ES and TF/RTY) that I created in 2014.  Using these strategies, we will walk the complete strategy development process.  That way, you’ll see both what the strategy is, and more importantly how it was developed. The code for all strategies will be given to you, and you can freely use them for your own personal use.
From other recent Strategy Factory Webinar attendees…
”Working with Kevin for a short time now already helped me to gain a lot more confidence in my own testing skills and I am looking forward to raise them to a professional level by using the provided process and 4 month support. I had some interesting mindshifts about the power of diversification and comparison to position sizing and the process of testing in total so far and I am sure more will follow. I don’t remember a chance to work with an award winning fulltime trader as a mentor and I am happy to be part of it. And who knows… maybe Kevin is the next Richard Dennis and we are his first new turtles ;)” – Gino T., Munich, Germany 
”Kevin’s book was an eye-opener. For every one who feels the same the webinar is a must. – It gave me inspiration to see how he took a inconspicuous trading idea and made a top performing system out of it. It motivated me to do the same and I am looking forward to get his support and make the most out of The Strategy Factory.” – Nov 2014 attendee 
”This was terrific and a lot of information in one sitting. At times I felt like I was trying absorb too much, but what is helpful is 4 months of support after; it is truly terrific and allows you to ask questions that you may have not been able to formulate during the webinar. Thaks for keeping the class size small.” – December 2014 Attendee
”A broad and complete spectrum of trading concepts were presented in a concise, orderly manner for both new and experienced traders alike. I personally walked away with new perspective on position sizing, diversification, and maintaining real time system performance that I intend to implement in my own trading.”– October 2014 Attendee
”I would love to offer a suggestion, but the day was FILLED with good content that was appropriate to everyone, well organized, indexed and well presented. – December 2014 Attendee
What Exactly Do I Get For Attending?

  • INSTANT ACCESS – Once you join the course, I give you links to all the videos.  You can start learning today!
  • 8 Hour Live Online Class ($1,999 Value) – Enjoy our all day meeting, from the comfort of your own home or office.  Audio and video are fully recorded, so if you miss a few minutes, no problem!
  • 3 Complete Strategies for ES(mini S&P), RTY(mini-Russell), multi-market(various futures) ($4,500 Value).  – You get the complete code in Tradestation format, along with the workspaces.  Don’t use Tradestation? No worries – I give you the code with plain English rules, too!
  • 2 months of one-on-one e-mail support from Kevin ($425 value) – Remember, I alone provide the support – no intern or unqualified person will answer your questions – the only answers you get are going to be straight from a champion trader’s mouth!
  • 1 Skype call of 15 minutes  ($149 value) – I include a 15 minute Skype call before or after the workshop – your choice.  Many traders use this to clarify some course material, to get motivated, or just to talk to a real full time trader!  ​​
  • 23 videos, totaling 12.5 hours, on many crucial trading topics ($1,999 Value) – These extra videos are really important, but I just don’t have time to cover them in the live workshop.  Areas of extra instruction include incubation, rollovers, account sizing, real life entries and exits, Monte Carlo testing, walkforward analysis, interviews with successful and non-successful students and MORE! 
  • 482 pages of workshop handouts, in PDF format
  • 8 custom built spreadsheets that support the material taught during the class, including some spreadsheets that are not available anywhere else, at any price!

The above 3 items by themselves are really awesome, and together have a value of $9,497.  And of course, you will only pay a fraction of that amount.  But I am going a step further – I am including a bunch of bonuses to push this deal over the top!

  • BONUS #1 – 2 More Complete Strategies for JY(Japanese Yen), RB(Unleaded Gas) ($3,000 Value)  – Traders usually pay me $1500 or more for unlocked code to trading strategies.  I am giving the complete code in Tradestation format, along with the workspaces.  Don’t use Tradestation? No worries – I supply the code in plain English rules, too!
  • BONUS #2 – Tradestation Rebate Program ($3,199 value) – I have a special program with Tradestation, where the complete course fee will be given back to you, via Tradestation commission rebates.  I’ll provide detailed instructions after you sign up.  For many traders, my course is eventually free.  Can you calculate the risk/reward for that??

With these 2 bonuses, all together this package has a value of over $15,000.  But I am not done yet!

  • BONUS #3 – The Strategy Factory Club and Forum ($997 value) – Imagine being able to share performance verified strategies with other traders, under Kevin’s watchful eye – via the Strategy Factory Club.  Many traders have submitted one strategy to the Club, and gotten 10 or more good strategies in return, to personally trade as they wish!  Also, I have established an exclusive trading forum where other Strategy Factory students discuss topics, share tricks and ask and answer questions.  It is like a mastermind group of Strategy Factory traders, all at your disposal!
  • BONUS #4 – Crypto Trading Strategies ($1,500 Value) – Everyone is talking about Bitcoin and crypto these days.  In a special members only workshop, I’ll share with you what I am doing with these instruments.
  • BONUS #5 – Ability to ”Re-Attend” Again and Again – for FREE! ($3,199 Value) – I give you the ability to ”sit in” on future online Strategy Factory workshops, and attend multiple times, at no additional cost.  Come back for a refresher, or to ask a few questions, or just to find out what new material is out there.

So, if you add it all up, I am providing you over $20,000 in instruction, support, strategies, and trading information.  In other words, you get a TON for your money!  And I am going to charge you a lot less than what the package is worth…


What Does This Workshop Cost?
The webinar costs $3,199.  Considering the ”ready to trade” strategies you’ll get as part of the package, and all the other bonuses, this price is an absolute steal.  Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results, but you may make your money back fairly quickly just from the strategies I provide. 
RISK FREE: If within 10 days of signing up, you decide you do not wish to continue, you can request a refund, and I’ll quickly send you a full refund via PayPal.
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of trader should take this course?
The ”Strategy Factory” course is designed for mechanical/algorithmic traders – traders who want to develop, test and evaluate their systems before putting money on the line. Ideally, your rules will be 100% written down and programmable. If you trade with discretion, though, this workshop can help you, too. Just let me know during our pre-webinar talk, and I’ll make sure I include building blocks for a discretionary trader strategy factory. What kind of experience level should I have to take this course?
You’ll get the most out of the class if you have at least some trading and/or development experience. If you are brand new to trading, DON’T TAKE THIS COURSE – learn the basics first! Ideally, you’ll have trading software (Tradestation, Ninja Trader, Multicharts, etc.) that you have worked with for at least a few months. To succeed with the information I provide, you must be able to program your own trading strategies. In the long run, coming up with your own ideas, programming them yourself and testing them in the strategy factory is the clearest route to success.
How is this different from all the disappointing trading systems / packages etc. I’ve bought before?
Well, first you have to realize that most people out there selling trading products don’t actually trade. Their success is in their ability to be a quick talking sales ”shark” – and guess what, you are the poor ”minnow.” They make their living from selling trading products. On the other hand, I make my living off of trading. This workshop is based on my ACTUAL trading experience, not paper trading or simulator experience. It makes for a big difference.
Second, I am not promising you rainbows and sunshine in this workshop. The material is hardcore, in-depth, and complicated. The trading development process you must follow afterwards is intense, and many times frustrating. In fact, you may never be able to build a strategy that meets your goals. But, at the same time, using the information I provide you’ll stop throwing money at vendors who are useless, and you’ll stop trading systems that have no edge. Your level of ”trader savviness” will definitely increase after the workshop.
This workshop is pretty expensive – comments?
Honestly, if you don’t see the value in this workshop, you probably should just look for something else. But, if you are serious about trading, and serious about developing strategies, then this class is for you. You’ll learn techniques that should lead to strategies much more profitable than the workshop cost.
Also, there is a way to get the course free thru a rebate program I have with Tradestation. Just e-mail for step by step details on this terrific program – Tradestation will actually cover the COMPLETE course cost!
The strategies I give you alone are worth at least triple the workshop cost! If you can’t see that, please don’t take the course.
Do I have to read or buy your algorithmic trading book beforehand?
Absolutely not! It certainly would be a benefit to read my book (and other strategy development books) before and after the workshop, though. Repeated exposure to material can only help you as you develop your strategy building process.
Why not allow more people in the workshop and charge less?
Since I want people to ask questions during the class, and I talk to everyone before or after the workshop, it is impossible to serve a big crowd. Plus, during the 2 months of follow up, I am the only person answering your questions via e-mail. Finally, remember that my main job is trading – I want to keep it that way!
Is there a money back guarantee? 
You have 10 days to evaluate the package I send you. If you do not like it, send it back and I will give you a full refund.
Are the strategies you provide legit?
Yes. All of the strategies were developed using techniques I discuss in the workshop. I have been pretty pleased with the results. But remember, all results you see must be treated as hypothetical, and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Be sure to read and understand the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.
Will I really be able to create my own strategies after attending your workshop?
Definitely yes. But, developing strategies is hard work, and you’ll have to throw away a lot of systems before you find one you can trade. Many traders I know are happy with finding 1-3 new strategies per year. You may do better or worse than that, but like all things in life, the results you get depend on the effort you put forth.
The beauty of the Strategy Factory is that developing strategies will become a step by step procedure for you. If a strategy does not meet the performance goals you establish, it gets tossed out. In this way, you can objectively examine each strategy, and rely less on emotion and ”fuzzy math” in selecting strategies to trade.
After the workshop, will you collaborate on systems with me?
Possibly. My time is pretty limited, but I will assist you however I can during the 2 month follow up period. I may be able to give you some ideas for a strategy you have, and those ideas might make all the difference. If you are looking to collaborate, the Strategy Factory Club could be what you want. It is included as part of the package, and allows students to exchange verified strategies. But, you should definitely plan on developing strategies on your own – that is what the course is for!
I do not live in the US. Do you offer any times suited to my schedule?
Yes, I occasionally do. Check the available times listed at the bottom of the page. If you would like a different time, just let me know. If there is enough interest, I’ll hold a workshop at that time.
Can’t I just get the info from your book, and save some money?
Sure! You can also learn how to play soccer or play baseball by reading a book. But, many times learning it ”live” leads to better comprehension, increased retention and longer lasting success. The workshop provides all that, in a comfortable setting (your home or office!).
What if I cannot make any of the dates/times listed below?
Remember, you get instant access to the material, so attending the live class is really an extra way to soak up Strategy factory knowledge. Plus, I hold these live events multiple times a year, so you can always attend a later live, online session.

Thank You, and Happy Trading!

Kevin Davey
Champion Trader

You can read more about Kevin’s course here. You can also sign up on that page

You are always welcome to contact me directly if you have any questions about his course. You can reach me at info (snabel A)

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