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Vad skulle Milton Friedman säga om allt det här?

The day after Milton Friedman died in November 2006, The Wall Street Journalpublished an article about monetary policy that Friedman had written. Unable to recall when the article had first appeared, I asked the editor. ”Today,” he said. ”Milton adapted it just a couple of weeks ago from a research paper he was working on.”

This took a moment to sink in. Friedman, by universal consent one of the two or three most consequential economists of the 20th century, had still been performing original economic research then describing his findings for ordinary readers–at the age of 94.
What would Milton have said if he were still with us today? Friedman spent his final three decades at the Hoover Institution–my office was just two doors down the hall from his–and earlier this week I sat down with two of my Hoover colleagues, economists Thomas MaCurdy and Jay Bhattacharya, both close students of Milton, to decide what questions we would have asked him–and how he might have replied…

What Would Milton Friedman Say?
Få ekonomer har gjort sig så kända för en bredare allmänhet som Milton Friedman har genom böcker, tidningar, TV och nobelpris. Genom sitt långvariga och engagerade försvar för klassiskt liberala principer inom både ekonomins och politikens område har han blivit en av de viktigaste förgrundsgestalterna för den liberala renässansen, nyliberalismen, som skett under de senaste 20 åren.