25 bra tradingböcker

The following list of books is based on results from 155 people when I asked the poll question: What ten books helped you make the most money trading in the markets?

I was curious to see what I had missed in my decades of reading the best books on trading and the stock market. I was glad to see that we all shared a love of the books that I thought were some of the very best.  I  believe this is an excellent and informative list for new traders upon entering the trading field. While many lessons will only be learned after experiencing real trades, real losses, and the challenges of trading psychology, I still believe in learning from others as a shortcut. I have read the first 22 of these 25 books and I give them all 5 out of 5 stars. Each book title is linked directly to its Amazon page to simplify your research.

The Top 25 Trading Books That Helped Readers Make Money.


Min lista på bra och läsvärda tradingböcker hittar du här. Här skriver jag om vad jag tycker är bra böcker om aktier. De bästa tradingböckerna.